Maria Zelaya Aguirre - Finca Pulcal

In the lush Antigua Valley of Guatemala, two coffee legacies intertwine, each rooted in history and nurtured by generations of dedication.

Dating back to 1541, Hacienda Carmona stands as a testament to Guatemala's rich coffee heritage. Established by Don Juan de Carmona, it flourished under the Zelaya family, who introduced Arabica coffee in the late 1800s. Maria Zelaya Aguirre, the third-generation owner, upheld her family's legacy with dedication, preserving original varieties like red and yellow Bourbón and Typica since 1959.

Across the valley, another story unfolds. In 1908, Ricardo's great-grandfather laid the groundwork for the Zelaya family's coffee dynasty. In 1989, Ricardo Zelaya took charge, leading the hacienda to new heights. Under his guidance, the estate embraced innovation, introducing varietals like Villa Sarchi, overseen today by Ricardo and Luis Pedro Zelaya.

Yet beyond perfect coffee lies a tale of passion and commitment. Maria's dedication mirrored Ricardo's love for his estate. Now her nephews ensure Hacienda Carmona flourishes, integrating new varieties like Java, San Francisco, and Villa Sarchi.

As the sun rises over Guatemala's coffee country, the stories of Hacienda Carmona and the Zelaya hacienda weave together—a testament to family, tradition, and love for coffee.

We have purchased this amazing coffee through Common Goal Coffee, a Vancouver-based, Canadian independent green coffee and service provider, and it is one of our favorite coffees of the year so far.
You can expect vibrant blackcurrant acidity upfront, a round vanilla sweetness, with lots of clarity and balance in your cup throughout. Fruit forward with a clean crisp acidity, it's a really beautiful example of a washed Guatemalan coffee from a producer we hope to work with again in the future.