Luciano Vicente - Pedra Grande

Luciano Vicente - Pedra Grande
In our search for single-origin espresso options for our cafes, we came across this brilliant coffee from Luciano Vicente. Out of 21 interesting samples on the cupping table, we blindly selected Luciano as it perfectly matched the cup profile we were looking for.
It was later brought to our attention that he grows one of the oldest varieties brought to Brazil - Sumatra. A natural hybrid of Typica brought by Dutch colonial traders from the island of Sumatra, the sister variety of Java Typica. In 1727 this coffee was gifted to the Brazilian governor of Para by the wife of the (at the time) Dutch governor of Suriname. 
To maintain fresh coffee throughout the year, Luciano’s coffee is one of two Brazilian lots we have purchased from separate regions. This coffee from Caconde, São Paulo will be our first espresso release from Brazil.
Luciano, a second-generation coffee producer, inherited ‘Vila Vicente’ a three-acre plot of land up the mountain from the town of Caconde, a coffee farming town on the São Paulo side of the São Paulo and Minas Gerais border. Here, with seven siblings, he was born and raised, surrounded by coffee trees.
Luciano worked hard to continue what his father had taught him, but financially the results were not enough. In 2014, João, a neighbour of Luciano, seeing that his coffee trees had a ‘high potential for producing specialty coffee’, told Luciano about FAF’s agronomist project focusing on increasing quality and sustainable farm management.
It has now been seven years without the use of glyphosates on his land, and two years following a green fertilization regimen with cover crops. By decreasing the use of insecticides, taking care of the land, and revitalizing the soil, the quality of the cup has improved significantly.

cup tasting notes.

pear, dried pineapple, apple spice 

cup profile.

Aroma of cacao nibs, chocolate bar, dark honey, dark chocolate, pear and apple spice. Elegant silky body and high cleancup. Rich and lingering mouthfeel, with flavors of dried passion fruit, dark chocolate, red berries and dried pineapple.

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