Josias Oltehua - Finca Oltehua

Josias Oltehua - Finca Oltehua

Josías Oltehua is an indigenous Nahuatl producer from Sierra de Zongolica, in Veracruz, Mexico. The Nahuas are a group of the indigenous people of Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. 

They comprise the largest indigenous group in Mexico and the second largest in El Salvador. However, in the pre-Columbian period, Nahuas were subdivided into many groups that did not necessarily share a common identity.

Our partner – CafeCol, has been working with Josías for 12 years (10 harvests). He was a pioneer in working with specialty coffees in this region.
He is currently the representative of a group of 20 families in Zongolica that work with specialty coffees. He is one of the leading partners in the region and a community technician in the COOPERATIVA CAFECOL.

For the last two years, Josías has innovated in coffee processing involving maceration and prolonged fermentation, resulting in unique cups such as this lot: L21ZON21. The farm's name is "Oltehua." It is a fully shaded coffee agroecological plantation, free of pesticides. The varieties grown on the farm are mainly Typica, Bourbon, Garnica, and Marseillaise.

cup tasting notes.

honey | apricot | mandarin

cup profile.

With this lot from Josias we taste banana chips, papaya and stone fruit. It’s a Gentle cup with milk chocolate, a clean mouthfeel and mellow intensity.

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