José Elisaldi Cola - Sítio Córrego da Prata

José Elisaldi Cola - Sítio Córrego da Prata
José’s farm is in the Córrego da Prata (Silver Lake) region in the municipality of Castelo, Espirito Santo. The name, Silver Lake, comes from the shining water that runs through the mountains and feeds the community. We can honestly say that José is one of the guardians of this clean water river. He is the kind of person who enjoys living the simple life, working on his farm with his wife and son and investing a lot of time and effort into ensuring the quality of their coffee beans from field to cup. All their coffee is picked and processed with their own hands.
The Mantanhas do Esprito Santo where José’s farm is situated is known for its mild climate and medium-level altitudes. The region is populated by many small coffee producers who live and work on their farms and rely on their own labor throughout the entire production process. Due to the mild temperatures, humid climate and hilly terrain, coffee cherry maturation can often be slow and uneven, which prompts producers to make multiple passes during harvest to collect only the ripest fruit.

about the coffee.

José has been working with FAF Coffees since 2016 when they first started exporting specialty coffee. Their dedication to cultivating sustainable, high quality coffee is demonstrated in the time and care José and his family take at each level of coffee production. The coffees from this region are well regarded for their pleasant sweetness, round body and nice acidity and are primarily either natural process or pulped natural process. Grown at 1000 m.a.s.l. pulped natural Red Cataui 44. A cultivar introduced by IAC (Instituto Agronômico de Campinas) Brazil in 1972 as small, productive and rust resistant.

cup tasting notes.

pomegranate, chocolate milk, pineapple

cup profile.

Sweet, juicy yet mellow cup with great silky and viscous body. Soft fruity approach with balanced and clean mouthfeel. Hints of Melon and Milk Chocolate with lingering sweet Pineapple in the finish.


transparency report.

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