Francisco Bermond - Sítio Rancho Dantas

Francisco Bermond - Sítio Rancho Dantas

Francisco is one of the most experienced coffee producers in the Rancho Dantas region. He has worked with the Brazilian green coffee company FAF Coffees for four years and his farm is an excellent example of FAF’s stated mission of cultivating high quality coffee through sustainable farming practices. Working alongside his three brothers, Francisco continues to invest in improvements to their farm such as raised beds in a constant effort to improve the quality of his coffee.

about the coffee.

Francisco’s property Sitio Rancho Dantas is located in the westward peaks of the mountainous Esprito Santo region of Brazil and is surrounded by the Atlantic Forest. The resulting high humidity levels combined with cold weather create a distinct microclimate and very unique terroir in the area of production, resulting in a late maturation of coffee beans.
The coffee from Espírito Santo is very unique in terms of Brazilian coffee. With the moisture formed on the coast being trapped by the mountains, the humidity levels are constantly high making for cool days and cold nights. The rocky, mineral rich soil creates clean, crisp coffees that have a slightly floral touch. FAF’s coffee professionals liken the region to ‘Colombia meets Kenya’ in terms of the coffee's sensory profiles.

 cup tasting notes.

 lemon, acacia honey, candied cherry

cup profile. 

Light and transparent cup with juicy yet mellow acidity reminding us of lemon juice and candied cherry. Hints of arabic gum with lingering sweetness like acacia honey. Balanced and fruit forward cup.

transparency report.

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