Eduin Fernandez - La Pantera

Eduin Fernandez - La Pantera
Eduin is a second generation coffee producer in the Las Flores region of Santa Barbara, Honduras. His father was a producer of conventional coffees and Eduin worked with him on the farm all throughout his childhood. However, due to economic struggles within the family, Eduin left the farm when he was nineteen to work in a clothing family in Choloma city. During this time, Eduin’s father was aware of the potential and quality of his coffee and had an opportunity to connect with coffee buyers and sell specialty coffee micro-lots from his farm through their partner Beneficio San Vicente. Six years later, Eduin returned to Las Flores and continued working with his father on the farm and in 2020 was given a one-hectare plot of land for his own specialty coffee-focused farm.

about the coffee.

Eduin grows pacas varietal and this is his first year producing specialty coffee. Eduin hasn’t had many difficulties, as his father, who has vast experience preparing micro-lots, was able to provide a lot of guidance.


The coffee cherries are de-pulped every day after picking and the parchment is put into fermentation tanks where it is dry fermented for 26 hours. The parchment is then rinsed in the tank four times, put inside the parabolic solar dryer for around 25 days, and while in the dryer the parchment is sorted by hand to remove defective beans.
Grown at 1600 masl, Pacas processed as aerobic fermentation for 26 hours, pulped and soaked 4 times. Dried as washed for approximately 26 days.


cup tasting notes.

cranberry, vanilla, cherry

cup profile.

Brown sugar sweetness with aromas of cranberry, honey, red berry and vanilla. Juicy and chewy mouthfeel, with flavours of sweet red apples, florals, and red cherry. Lingering viscous finish.

transparency report.

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