Claudia Lovo - Finca El Arbol

Claudia Lovo - Finca El Arbol
From an idea to realization, Finca El Arbol, started by four coffee professionals, began its journey in 2015 and had its first harvest in 2016. We are lucky to call these professionals, Claudia Lovo, Tim Willems, and Per Nordby our friends, and more recently, Sasha Sestic also produces coffee at Finca El Arbol. 
Claudia and Tim's company, Brizadul, develops programs for a handful of farmers, focusing heavily on sustainable agricultural practices. The companies Principles, in their own words, are: "The future of farms that produce coffee now doesn't lie in coffee as climate change is chasing coffee up the mountains. Phase 1 of future-proofing the farms lies in making these farms self-sufficient. We believe that by focusing our efforts on assuring income for the producers, we can start Phase 2: focus on improvements in environment/soil and farmworkers inclusion. Which will ultimately lead to Phase 3: gradually transition the coffee farm into another purpose based on built-up economic, ecologic and human capital."
Bridazul manages fundraisers for the producers allowing them to elevate their practices, buy equipment or learn how to develop better quality programs. 
You can find more about one of Brizaduls' most active initiatives under this linkWe encourage you to be a part of that transition!
We were very eager to get our hands on our favorite variety from Nicaragua - Maracaturra: A naturally occurring hybrid from Brazil discovered in the early 1800s. As such good friends produced it, it means a lot to us that we have the opportunity to share this coffee with you.
Coffee flowers
The farm is on track to become fully organic by around 2025 as they slowly reduce the use of chemicals currently being used to fight La Roya (leaf rust). While the chemicals help strengthen the soil, this plan will gradually phase them out with a preference for organic compost from local animals, trees, vegetables, and flowers. 
The aim is to increase biodiversity on the farm and in the local area so that the natural environment returns to being self-sustaining and nutrient-rich. Hopefully, these changes will also ensure a higher quality coffee production so that the farm can support full-time, year-round workers.
The structure at Finca El Arbol is one of the defining differences of this farm. All meals are cooked on the farm, and both the managers and the workers eat together. Basic healthcare is provided for all staff (including access to a dentist), and children of workers are provided with tutors to boost computer and English skills.

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Fully washed hand-sorted, high Brix content Maracaturra varietal grown at around 1150 m.a.s.l.

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orange, grape, goji

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