Benjamin Paz - La Salsa

Benjamin Paz - La Salsa
As a third-generation coffee producer in the Paz family, Benjamin has played a pivotal role in expanding the farming, trading, milling, and export business in Santa Barbara. He has forged lasting connections with roasters and importers of high-end specialty coffee worldwide, always striving to help local farmers grow and improve. This spirit of collaboration and sharing permeates every aspect of his work, from their innovative processes to the deep, enduring relationships he forms.

Even amid challenges like the ongoing "C price" crisis, Benjamin's unwavering compassion shines through. He laments the undervaluation of commercial-grade coffee and the sacrifices made by its producers, who often work under the same conditions as those cultivating high-end specialty coffee.

This coffee holds a special place in my heart—not just for its deliciousness but also for the cherished friendship with Benjamin, spanning over a decade. Our bond has grown from shared laughter during a precarious truck ride up the mountains in 2011 to heartwarming birthday wishes exchanged between our families.

His spirit of generosity and curiosity has led him to explore innovative techniques, experiment with new varieties, and share his knowledge with friends and neighbours. This dedication culminated in Benjamin's triumphant win at this year's Honduras Cup of Excellence Competition.

As we savour the rich, honey-like sweetness and unique floral acidity of Benjamin's La Orquidea coffee, we celebrate not only the exceptional flavours of Santa Barbara but also the inspiring story of collaboration, friendship, and passion that has unfolded over the years. With great anticipation, we look forward to sharing Benjamin's award-winning Gesha with you soon as yet another testament to the incredible journey of coffee and the remarkable people who bring it to life.