French Press

French Press

It's an age-old brewing deceive from the mid-19th century, but that doesn't mean it's destined for a life in the back of our coffee gadget cupboard! No, let our Polygon, Head barista —Vren, take you on a journey of discovery and watch them bring some life (with an albeit slightly longer than typical recipe) into this forgotten brewing device.

As always, expect laughter and education all rolled into one. Happy watching, friends. 

Here's a recap of the recipe


French Press


total brew time: 8 minutes
water: 600g at 94c
coffee: 39g
ratio: 65:1
grind: medium-coarse (29 clicks on a comandante)


Grind 39g of coffee
Place your French Press on the scale and tare.
Add your ground coffee to the French Press (check there are 39g)
Tare the scale.
Add 600g of water into the French Press (as quickly as possible).
Start the timer.
Remove your French press from the scale.
Leave for 5 minutes.
With a spoon, break the crust that has formed on the top, and stir the coffee 6-times.
Skim the top of the coffee and remove any floating ground coffee.
Place the plunger onto the French Press (don't press it down to the coffee).
Leave for 3 minutes.
Slowly plunge the coffee (without letting the filter touch the ground coffee at the bottom of the French Press).
Slowly decant the French Press into a new decanter.