Panama - José Luttrell - Finca Cañas Verdes -Duo Pack - 2 x 125g

Country Panama
Region Bouqete, Chiriquí
1st coffee (1 x 125g) 
Variety Green Tip Gesha
Process double anaerobic washed
Roast  filter 
Taste Notes tangerine, raspberry, floral
2nd coffee (1 x 125g) 
Variety Green Tip Gesha
Process dry anaerobic natural
Roast  filter 
Taste Notes passion fruit, orange blossom, pineapple
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“Abu Coffee” is both a varietal of coffee and a coffee company named to honor the memory of José Guillermo Luttrell Tedman. A third generation coffee producer from Bouquete, Chiriqui in Panama, José or “Abu” (short for Abuelo, or Grandfather in Spanish) as his grandchildren called him, dreamed of producing the best and most balanced coffee and worked hard to raise this varietal of Gesha to the highest standards of quality. ​Read more.


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