Colombia - Elias Parra Roa - Finca Tamana

Country Colombia
Region El Pital, Huila
Variety Castillo
Process washed
Roast  filter
Elevation  1650m
Taste Notes prune, dark honey, white gooseberry
Farm Gate USD/lb $2.86
FOB USD/lb  $4.50
Regular price $25.00


Finca Tamana is a 57 hectare coffee farm located in the mountains between El Pital and La Plata in Huila Colombia. It was acquired by Elias Roa in 2011 and is managed with great care by Elias and his family. A large farm by Colombian standards (the average farm size in Colombia is 2 hectares), the region is bursting with biodiversity and is home to a vast array of wildlife and tropical birds. Read more.


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