Vancouver's newest multi-roasted cafe

"Opening on Valentine’s Day 2017 with a logo featuring an upside-down heart may seem a bit cheeky to some, but Nemesis’s primary owner, Jess Reno (pictured below in plaid), swears it was simply a funny coincidence. "



SFU embeds sustainability into commercial contracts

"Simon Fraser University is now selecting local, sustainable contractors over large corporate competitors as part of its commitment to sustainability, innovation, community and customer service."



‘Nemesis Coffee’ Opens Softly In The New SFU Building 

"I like this place already. The coffee is good, the food looks delicious, and the owners are super hands-on. It’s only been open for four days, but Nemesis is already playing host to daily line-ups and most of the 40 seats filling during the morning/noon rushes."



What Inspired the Little ‘Nemesis Coffee’ Upside-Down Heart Icon?

“I’m happy to say that I personally created the logo. It came with its trials and tribulations. I tried out a variety of concepts in collaboration with a branding group called Fancy but none of them stuck. I started the logo by trying to form my hands into a heart. We wanted something that was human and everyone could create themselves (throwing up an inverted heart hand symbol with your hands)."



Snobbies Best Coffee Shop 2017

"Alright, this is the one you’ve all been waiting for, the 10 best Vancouver coffee shops of 2017. Our stunning city has once again proven that it’s becoming a world player in the coffee scene. No longer is a bag of average beans, a basic espresso machine and a selection of premade sandwiches a recipe for success."

Vancouver coffee SNOB



Announcing The 2017 Sprudgie Awards Finalists 

"From tens of thousands of votes cast all across the world, nominations poured in for the 2017 Sprudgie Awards, honoring the very best in specialty coffee. These votes have now been calculated, and we revealed the noms on Friday the 8th of December via the Coffee Sprudgecast. Here they are in all their glory, awaiting your deciding vote across 12 categories in the Ninth Annual Sprudgie Awards."