Nemesis Spring Drops


Written by: Jamie Smith


The long winter seems like it’s finally over and the first blossoms of spring have sprung up. But what does this mean for Nemesis? And more importantly you? Well, it means Kale Buds!!

Seeing kale buds marks the start of spring and it gets us excited for all the roots and shoots that are starting to show. Spring provides some fantastic veg and first up on your plate is…you guessed it, kale buds.  

We’re including kale buds in the “not your usual steak and eggs”, which perfectly complements the dish and adds a finishing touch of crispy, freshness to the dish. Plus, it’s hella packed with iron, so you know we got your back when it comes to your nutrient intake!!

So why exactly do we care so much? I hear y’all.

Well that’s because we’re a little obsessive about our ingredients. We know where all of our produce comes from and, in most cases, the names and families that grow them.

The kale buds are a great example of that. We get them from our good friend Naty King (Momma, to us). Naty has been running HazelMere Organics for 16 years and she has been supplying us with her produce since the day we opened (and Head Chef/Culinary Architect, Jacob, for even longer). We couldn't be more proud to serve her produce, because we know they take as much care growing their produce in a completely organic and GMO free manner as we do preparing and cooking it for you.

So there you go, there's the 411 on the new addition to the “not your usual steak and eggs”. Next time y’all are passing through, have a little chow down and holla the kitchen about how DOPE the kale buds are…

Big hugs and lots of love,


Sam Masih