Oscar Núñez - Los Dátiles

Oscar Núñez - Los Dátiles
From humble beginnings, Oscar Nunez’s story is one of hard work and dedication to creating a better life. When Oscar was young, his family, struggling to afford to live in the city of El Progreso, decided to return to the region of Yorito, which they had left some 30 years prior. They began working on coffee farms as pickers.
After many years of hard work and dedication, Oscar saved enough money to purchase a small 0.5-hectare plot of land. He planted and harvested coffee to sell on the commodity market and bananas that he sold at the local markets. Several years passed, and with continued effort and a determination for a more extensive operation, Oscar saved up enough money to purchase the rest of the farm.

about the coffee.

Now with more land and the help and guidance of his son-in-law, Oscar began producing micro-lots of specialty grade Catuai & Lempira varietals.
Oscar has a well-developed and robust knowledge of coffee production. He understands the importance of carefully picking, processing, and storing coffee to ensure coffee quality, and in turn, can demand a higher price. Grown at 1600 masl, Cataui processed as aerobic for 14 hours, depupled, soaked 4 times and dried for approximately 20 days. Hand sorted at the dryer.

cup tasting notes.

kiwi, dark chocolate, red apple 

cup profile.

Clean mouthfeel and high transparency with flavors of kiwi, red apples and citric acidity. Aromas of candied cherry, dark chocolate, and honey. High viscosity and great body, balanced cup with a pleasantly sweet finish.

transparency report.

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