Nemesis Coffee Holiday Blend

Holidays, Christmas time, food, sweet cakes and good coffee.

We created that blend to showcase two unique coffees working harmoniously together. Naturally processed PL122 and SLN9 varieties.

70% of our component comes from Alan Campos, a hardworking friend from Costa Rica. You have had that coffee in the past if you have been with our subscription service. This Ethiopian variety is grown in the Brunca region at Finca La Toboba. Diverse unique growing conditions and meticulous standards are the key factors in the cup profile of this coffee.

30% comes from Ashok Patre from Ratnagiri Estate, Naturally processed SLN9, giving that spicy character to the blend with lots of funkiness. It goes parallel with Alan Campos as both varieties are similar in density and size. A perfect technical match, not to mention in taste.

Crafting this Christmas coffee embodies what we love to do, roasting and creating one-of-a-kind blends to help you enjoy and cherish this holiday season.